Export Options

Exporting Fresh or Frozen Semen
Swine Genetics International Ltd.'s (SGI) primary goal is to supply top quality genetics that will improve performance and profitability for our customer's swine herds. We have been in the semen business for 30+ years and enjoy building long-term relationships with our customers. SGI can supply either liquid or frozen semen that can be shipped worldwide.

Swine Genetics International has been very active in exporting swine semen and live animals to countries around the world since 1981. We house nearly 150 sires representing major breeds in the U.S.A. These boars are selected from leading breeding herds from throughout the Continental United States and, therefore, represent a wide cross-section of the superior genetics available in the U.S.A.

Live Boar and Fresh/Frozen Semen Export Options

Liquid Semen
Liquid semen is extended with a long-life extender that maintains high livability and conception rate up to 7-9 days after collection. Thus, liquid semen can be shipped worldwide.

Frozen Semen
Frozen semen is processed in straws by a technique utilizing a Cryo-Med chamber to precisely control the freezing rate. The thawing procedure is simple and precise. Customers throughout the world have obtained 75 to 85 percent conception rate and good litter size utilizing SGI frozen semen.

Swine Breeding Animal Exports
SGI represents a wide cross-section of leading U.S. purebred and F-1 breeding herds that produce breeding stock of all major U.S. swine breeds. SGI personnel are very experienced in selection and handling of foreign shipments. SGI staff is available to take customers to breeding farms and assist in swine selection or we can handle selection of high quality animals for you at fair market prices. SGI personnel have worked directly with many herds throughout the world, and recognize that marketing and production systems differ in various countries. We understand that market differences dictate the type of breeding swine needed to produce the market hog that best fits the country's production system and consumer demands. SGI personnel stay connected to the genetic development in the herds it represents. Thus, we can direct you to those herds that have the genetic material best suited to accommodate your needs. SGI can arrange and handle all health testing, quarantine, insurance, shipping and documentation necessary to deliver swine to the port of entry. SGI follows up on all exports to ensure customer satisfaction, and in many cases continues to consult with those same herds to help determine their future genetic needs. Our goal is to facilitate rapid genetic progress for our customers, and do so at an economical rate.