Maternal Program

SGI Maternal Landrace and Yorkshire Program
SGI has been widely recognized for supplying superior maternal semen to our domestic and foreign customers for the past 35 years. An annual review of the maternal trait leaders in both the Landrace and Yorkshire STAGES (Swine Testing and Genetic Evaluation Summary) summaries definitely documents the significant influence that current and former SGI sires have had on continued genetic advancement in the Landrace and Yorkshire breeds. SGI emphasizes that sires in our maternal program have superior EPDs and INDEXES for economically important production traits (many are in the top 1 - 5% of the breed). The STAGES information on traits like Number Born Alive, Weaning Weight, MLI, and SPI are published both in our catalog and on our website. Customers can select boars that truly excel in areas they want to improve or emphasize in their herd. In addition to utilizing STAGES information during boar selection, all potential sires are visually inspected by SGI personnel. SGI has long emphasized a balance of visual traits in our sires including structural correctness, durability and elite productive look while making boar selections. Careful visual appraisal insures that their female offspring will not only be highly productive, but ought to excel in longevity. The SGI superior maternal boar battery is available for both production of Purebred, F1 and White-line individuals. Contact SGI for price, volume discounts and yearly contracts.