DRU Terminal

  • Producer and Packer Friendly
    • Superior Growth & Efficiency
  • Extra Vigorous Baby Pigs
    • High Muscle Quality-High % Lean Carcass
  • Europe's Terminal Sire with Trademarked Meat
    • Late Maturing - Heavy Carcass Weights
  • X-tra Heterosis for Improved Weight Gains
    • Outcross Terminal Genetics
  • Terminal Sire for the new Millennium

DRU's are derived from the combination of the French Musclor and American Duroc. The DRU is considered the leading Terminal Genetics for superior growth muscle quality and percent lean. These boars sire offspring that are sound, longer bodied, more uniformity, bigger framed and stress negative. With the emphasis on growth and muscle quality, the progeny of DRU's are in demand as SEW's feeder pigs, and by producers wanting to turn their finishing units. If you need to improve your percent yield, make DRU's your next Terminal Sires. The packers in the United States and Canada are happy to finally get a line of pigs that have excellent Muscle Quality and Cutability in one package.