Berk Program

The Berkshire breed has the distinction of being the oldest swine registry in the world, and has long been known as the breed that provides the most captivating pork eating experience for consumers. The SGI Berkshire boar program is designed to be versatile in nature. SGI staff has industry experience in the packing industry and in various production models, so our goal is to provide genetic options that will fit a variety of programs. SGI houses over 25 production focused Berkshire boars that offer the breeding versatility to improve the functionality of female lines and the masculine traits to improve terminal performance.

From the American Berkshire Association - During the past several years the Berkshire has made great strides of improvement toward meeting the demands of the industry. Selection pressure has been applied toward traits of great economic importance - fast and efficient growth, reproductive efficiency and leanness and meat quality.

SGI is proud of our involvement in the Berkshire pork industry! We look forward to growing our existing relationship with Berkshire breeders and meat quality connoisseurs all over the world that are interested in utilizing Berkshire genetics to provide consumers great experiences with pork.