Code: 9149
Price: $250/Dose

Family Ties
Bred by: Goss Livestock, OK

Big legs, big hair, broad build and unreal athleticism.

Out of the same sow that raised the Champion York Barrow at the 2022 Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo.

For you pedigree junkies…Curly – Kracker x Provoked x Dirty Secret / Kracker – Dominator x Dirty Secret (littermate to Dirty South) x 12-37 Swagger / Provoked – Dirty Secret x Forbes x Bone Chill / Family Ties – Dirty Secret x Dirty Secret’s sister.  Extended pedigree on STONE COLD reads Curly x Family Ties x Rockstar x Short Bus (grandmother of Roll Call housed at PBG).

Mother of STONE COLD is also a littermate to the Reserve Grand Barrow at the Fort Worth alternative show a couple of years ago.

Based on pedigree, it makes sense that this is one incredible specimen that is shaggy, bendy in his skeleton and super proportional from the side. STONE COLD is a more current version of the original stud (Dirty Secret) that shows up so many times in this pedigree. He’s got more look, more chest and more shape. We couldn’t be more excited to introduce STONE COLD to our customers.

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