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Super Monster
Cowboy UP
Bred by: Tim Merek
Born: 01/03/13
  • High Time is a new boar purchased from Tim Marek at the same time as Unforgettable.  Both High Time and Unforgettable were boars that we felt needed to find a new home at SGI.  We would like to thank Tim for giving us the opportunity on this great pair of boars
  • High Time is out of one of Tim's top producing Unrated sows.  He is sired by Mile High which is housed at Shaffer's Goldrush.  Mile High's littermate barrow was Champion Barrow at the 2012 Denver Stock Show
  • High Time is from a great litter.  His littermate gilt was Reserve Market Gilt at the 2013 Washington County Fair and all the other littermate gilts will be in the keeper pen at Marek's
  • High Time is one of the best designed and structurally correct crossbred we have seen this summer.  We feel he offers the look and soundness unmatched by any crossbred boar out there.  Therefore, if you truly need to make better hogs I would look at using High Time
  • High Time center body and rib cage are opened up and he has the right length of body to make winning barrows or replacement females.  He has good muscle dimension down his top and through his hip and rump
  • We feel High Time will work on females that have muscle and need to be sounder and softer in their center body.  If you want to make replacement females and easy feeding barrows than High Time is the boar for you!

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