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JZP8 ACE 41-8
JZP7 Score 43-10
JZP6 JP6 Coke 41-7
JZP8 ETC 35-5
JZP6 Etc
JZP6 JP6 Coke 44-3
Bred by: John Penner - Plymouth, NE
Owned With: SGI
Born: 10-05-91
Teats: 14
  • One of the hardest combinations to put together in swine breeding is excellent carcass cutability and superior maternal traits.  Aces Wild surely combines these two characteristics together as well as any Hampshire to stand at SGI. 
  • Aces Wild was one of the fastest growing boars in his contemporary group (EDV of 5 days less to 220 lb) and ranked fourth on index. 
  • He is an extremely lean-muscular boar that is very trim about his jowl, shoulder and belly.  He has a lean, very expressive top with a deep, full loin and a very thick, muscular ham. 
  • Aces Wild is backed by several generations of Hampshires that have consistently been well above the norm for leanness and muscle.  His sire, Ace, was 142 to 220 lb with only 0.57 average backfat for three probe sites including the shoulder probe.  His first 65 litters averaged 160 days (EBV of 3 days less to 220) and 0.68 average backfat for three probe sites.  Ace was named the outstanding sire for 1991 by the Nebraska SPF Association.  A full brother one year older to Aces Wild retained at Penner’s was 136 days to 220 lb with 0.60 BF.  He sired the champion carcass at the 1992 Nebraska State Fair that had the following cutout at 247 lb live weight; 3.19 long, 0.50 BF, 8.90 LEA, 66.94% lean, and 3 muscle quality score.  Another full brother to Aces Wild sold for $5,000 to jerry Brink and a littermate to Aces Wild is now working at Jerry McLemore’s. 
  • Aces Wild is from a litter of 10 born, 9 weaned.  His dam has a 114.2 SPI and has averaged 10.0 born live, 8.9 weaned and 126.1 21-day litter weight for seven parities.  A full sister to Aces Wild is the top sow in her contemporary group with a 113.5 SPI.  She has averaged 11.0 born live, 10.5 weaned and 139 lb 21-day litter weight in two parities. 
  • Aces Wild’s maternal granddam is the Cody 44-3 sow with a lifetime average of 10.0 farrowed and 9.45 weaned.  She is also the mother of the outstanding Penner Herd Sire.  Ten, who was from a litter of 10 weaned with a remarkable 171 lb 21-day litter weight.  The great maternal and paternal granddam of Aces Wild is 42-3 with a lifetime average of 9.7 farrowed, 8.9 weaned.  Her littermate and dam are both Hampshire Hall of Frame sows with lifetime averages of 12.43 F, 10.43 W and 12.4 F, 10.4 W respectively. 
  • Ace Wild has very good, clean-flat bone, excellent feet with even toes and is a very easy, free moving boar.  He has an outstanding underline and is an extremely aggressive, heads-up boar. 
  • If you are looking for a bigger scaled, longer bodied, leaner Hampshire that is super sound and backed by a pedigree that will guarantee superior sow productively, we highly recommend Aces Wild.

    EBV Days -5.0


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