Code: 9141
Price: $300/Dose

Stay Classy
Blind Luck
Bred by: Hilty Showpigs, PA
Owned With: Hilty Showpigs & Heimer Hampshires

Untapped potential! In just a handful of litters sired by this stud he secured wins at the Ohio State Fair, Virginia State Fair, Missouri State Fair and the California Youth Expo.  

DASH 8 also sired the $85,000 gilt sold by Hilty Showpigs at the Perfect Timing Pig Sale in October. The common theme from the families that have gotten to feed DASH 8 sired pigs is simple, they just get better every day!

DASH 8’s sire, Stay Classy, was housed at PBG and made such a memorable impact for many pig breeders. Blind Luck was a littermate to the Grand Overall Barrow at Kansas City in 2015. The mother of Blind Luck was the Verbatim x Roxy sow that sold in the very first Exchange sale to Andy Rash and Wintex Farms. It seems fitting that we were able to purchase DASH 8 in the Exchange sale several years later.

We’re excited about the impact that we know DASH 8 will have over the next couple of breeding seasons. He’s good stock and comes from some of the very best genetics at WTX Farms, HH and Hilty Showpigs. Thank you Hilty Showpigs for offering this stud at The Exchange!

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