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Trade Secret
Make It Easy’s mom (Visionary x Triple Crown x Johnny Monster x Drive By)
Bred by: WinMor Farms, IA

Tradin’ Up combines SO many unique traits that aren’t frequently found in the same animal.

He’s got far reaching pieces, and uniquely combines them into a great built, athletic package.

Tradin’ Up has an extremely unique presence, runs up hill, is short backed and has an incredibly powerful rear view.

Tradin’ Up as huge feet and legs, strong pasterns, a big back and a wide pin set.

This guy is truly one of the most unique boars that we’ve ever pictured (picture was taken 15 minutes after we hopped him off the WinMor trailer).

*TRADIN UP’s first pigs have arrived and he offers big time farrowing ease potential.  We love the build, proportions and feature of the first babies in the farrowing house**

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