Code: 9090
Price: $150/Dose

Porch Donkey
Porch Honky x Visionary
Bred by: Travis Perry, IN

The MUSCLE hog we’ve been looking for has arrived!

PROVE IT is bold, stout and rugged all over.

The Dirty Secret line has left many of our customers with elite females that are super athletic and comfortable in their build, but many of you have asked us to search for a muscle sire that would complement them.  HERE HE IS!

PROVE IT is dense in his skeleton, has big-strong feet, huge legs, a big chest, a broad, short back and is as impressive going away as any.

PROVE IT’s mother was Reserve Division 3 Gilt at the 2018 Indiana State Fair!

Porch Honky was an elite son of Best Man who stood at Hi Point. 

PROVE IT came from an elite litter that generated several champions!!!

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