Next up on the “HOW TO” series is THE PROPOSAL.

THE PROPOSAL – King of the Hill x Redemption x “Daisy” Visionary
THE PROPOSAL is an exciting, new addition from Git-R-Done Showpigs in Yuma, AZ. For those that don’t believe that there could be elite showpigs generated in that part of the [ ]


Next up on the “HOW TO” series is BOMBS AWAY.

BOMBS AWAY – Bomb Squad x Feel the Burn x Can’t Stop
BOMBS AWAY comes from one of the very best Duroc females at Lettow Showpigs. BOMBS AWAY shares a similar pedigree to the Supreme Overall Gilt at OYE (raised by Mosteller [ ]


Next up on the “HOW TO” series is SOUL SEARCHIN.

SOUL SEARCHIN – Dirty South x Wedding Night
SOUL SEARCHIN will be new to many of you and was a Spring ’20 addition from C&C Showpigs in Oklahoma.  SOUL SEARCHIN is another very impressive, barrow oriented Dirty South son that comes from [ ]

Meet The Team :: Hunter Shoemaker

Hunter Shoemaker has been with SGI for three years.  Originally from London, Ohio, he attended Fort Scott Community College and finished his education at Iowa State University.  Hunter’s ability to learn multiple roles in our business has been extremely valuable.  His main focus consists of managing the frozen semen lab [ ]

Meet The Team :: Suzette Bartleson

Suzette Bartleson has been at SGI for just over five years. Suzette has many years of accounting experience under her belt, and provides leadership in the areas of accounts receivable, accounts payable, human resources and insurance. She also stays busy by serving as a customer service representative. We appreciate the [ ]

THE SGI MAILBAG :: What do I do with my semen package when I receive it?

The SGI MAILBAG :: What do I do with my semen package when I receive it?
Watch our video to find out!

“HOW TO” Series :: JIM BROWN

Next up on the “HOW TO” series is JIM BROWN

JIM BROWN – Jimmy T x Man on Fire x Slats
JIM BROWN exemplifies the term masculine breeding boar. He shares the same mother as BOMB SQUAD, and has the same build, stoutness and extra features that breeder’s across the country have [ ]

Meet The Team :: Nate Hemann

Nate Hemann has been a part of the SGI team for just over one year. Nate’s role at SGI consists of caring for boars and maintaining high herd health in our showpig boars. In order to keep all showpig boars in optimal condition, Nate prioritizes keeping pens and facilities clean, [ ]

Meet The Team :: Jamie Flynn

Immediately upon graduation from Iowa State University in May of 2019, Jamie Flynn joined the SGI team.  Jamie provides leadership in both the fresh and frozen semen production labs. One of her primary responsibilities is at the microscope analyzing fresh semen quality.  Jamie helps our team maintain high standards for [ ]

Meet The Team :: Shoki Hirano

Shoki Hirano began full-time employment at SGI in the Summer of 2018, after serving as a student intern for two years before graduating from Iowa State University.  Today, Shoki manages the terminal boar barn at the main boar stud.  The combination of Shoki’s industry knowledge and animal husbandry skills ensures [ ]