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SORRY 4 THE WAIT :: Whataberk x Family Jewels

Owned with :: Goss Livestock, OK & Lettow Showpigs, IA


INSIDE THE ROPES has been extremely popular on boar tours!
INSIDE THE ROPES mother was 3rd Overall at the ’19 CPS event in Springfield, IL.
A breeding boar with unreal look and extension up front.  INSIDE THE ROPES has incredible angle to his shoulder, forearm and knee.  He combines elite front end [ ]

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from KING RANCH & the SGI Team. We are anxiously looking forward to what 2021 has in store!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all! Thank you to everyone who helped us pull through a challenging, yet rewarding 2020. We are most thankful for the great opportunities that our industry provides us.

’d is DROP A HINT, a game-changing Duroc boar from Eggers Showpigs.

DROP A HINT is a rugged built, big [ ]

Not All DIRTY’s Are Created Equal

The genetic horsepower of DIRTY SECRET continues to work for our customers!
Recent wins for DIRTY include…
• Grand Barrow Oklahoma State Fair raised by Larry Moore
• Reserve Grand Barrow Oklahoma State Fair raised by C&C Showpigs
• Grand Barrow Tulsa State Fair raised by C&C Showpigs
• Grand Barrow Heart of Texas Fair [ ]

2018 World Pork Expo Recap

With RECORD SETTING number of hogs exhibited in the Jr. and Open show and interaction with our showpig and international customers, this year’s World Pork Expo was nothing less than remarkable! Here is a 2018 World Pork Expo Recap from the SGI Team: 

Champion Division 3 & 3rd [ ]


Due to the overwhelming demand and excitement surrounding Dirty Secret semen, we will be offering 2 doses for each Monday collection from March 1 – May 17 to be auctioned on Showpig/The Pig Planet Auctions on Sunday, February 25. For questions surrounding the auction format feel free to reach out to an SGI salesman.
:: The [ ]

$50 shipping & off-season pricing until August 13th!

Word on the street is the SGI boar battery is stronger at the top, and deeper with quality than ever before!
In an effort to start new relationships with breeders that we haven’t worked with previously, and reward loyal customers that we are already serving, we will be offering $50 shipping [ ]

Boar Feature- MAN ON FIRE

We found MAN ON FIRE as a 14 month old mature boar at David Martin’s late last Summer when we were searching the countryside for boar prospects.  Phenotypically, this guy is a beast regardless of the breed that we might want to make comparisons to.  MAN ON FIRE is tall [ ]