We are excited to resume the “HOW TO” series to discuss our brand new boars and younger boars that we are learning more about based on breeder feedback. We feel like this has been the most transparent way to help our customers get sows mated appropriately. First up is HIDDEN TREASURE!

HIDDEN TREASURE :: Rusty Cage x Never Before x Lock It Up

Bred by :: Goss Livestock, OK

This hog has character! HIDDEN TREASURE has modern day proportions and athleticism. His entire litter was deep with quality and power. Littermate barrow “Chubs” was Grand Barrow at the 2021 Indiana State Fair for the Martin family. For those that saw “Chubs”, he was certainly memorable. Littermate gilt was a multiple-time champion for the Alf’s family in Nebraska. Mother of HIDDEN TREASURE is one of the neatest built, stoutest made females we’ve seen. HIDDEN TREASURE’s first baby pigs are dense built, short backed and hairy. Tons of potential to build better stock with this guy.

The playbook :: Count on getting power (density, width, muscle) out of this guy. Breeder’s frequently ask where to protect a boar, and we’d probably suggest not taking him to the stoutest female on the farm or you may end up with too much. However, we’ve been on the road and seen several litters and HIDDEN TREASURE looks like the kind of boar that is going to offer quite a bit of breeding versatility. He’s making elite quality baby pigs in several different sow herds. HIDDEN TREASURE is consistently generating extras, and the pigs still have length of hip, good angle to their arm and blade and function like pigs that will feed. If you call Nick, it won’t take long to pick up on his faith in HIDDEN TREASURE! #SGIBOARS
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