“HOW TO” Series :: ALL RISE

ALL RISE :: Trumpet x Lil Bro

ALL RISE has been on an absolute tear in his first season. He’s sired champions from California to Pennsylvania and has worked incredibly well across numerous different herds. We think his early track record speaks to his tremendous breeding versatility.

ALL RISE has consistently generated show hogs that run up hill, have cool proportions, wild presence and unbelievable athleticism. In an era where extra hair and skin pigment matter, he checks those boxes as well. He’s really been a strong fit on some of the more extreme sows that need a hog that can pull everything back together and keep structure and build in-line.

We’ve also gotten consistent feedback from breeders that the ALL RISE pigs come sensibly sized at birth and he can be utilized as a good potential option when breeding gilts.

Call us at (800) 247-3958 to book ALL RISE semen now! #SGIBOARS

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