First up on the newest version of the “HOW TO” series is DECISIVE.

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DECISIVE – Dirty South x Vendetta x Swagger x No Fare x Night Train

DECISIVE caught the attention of many breeders this Spring during boar tours, and he saw heavy use across several herds.  His masculine build, stout feature and burly design are visually impressive.  DECISIVE comes to us from Heimer Hampshires and combines several elite show barrow pedigrees.  In fact, the Night Train sow in his pedigree goes back to the very best sow family at Lettow Showpigs.  No other firm has leveraged Dirty South more effectively than Heimer Hampshires, and we are positive that DECISIVE will quickly become the most relevant Dirty South son that’s been offered to our industry.

The playbook: DECISIVE will certainly bring bone, width and shear power to the table.  We anticipate that his pigs will possess all of the extras that our industry so frequently talks about.  Ideally, take DECISIVE to attractive shows that need to be stouter everywhere.  DECISIVE brings incredible width to the table, so be careful taking him to sows with lots of spread and width behind.  Leverage DECISIVE’s power appropriately to optimize matings!

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