SGIBoars “HOW TO” series, next up, PROVOKED.

PROVOKED was our pick of the DIRTY SECRET sons that we ran across last Summer, and comes to us from a firm that’s been on a roll. Nate Warner Livestock also raised the Supreme Overall Gilt at OYE in March, and as we’ve studied his program, there is some legit sow power in that herd. PROVOKED has been tremendous in his first crop, siring multiple champions all over the Midwest, including Nick Edwards High Points Cross Gilt on the Iowa Swine Jackpot Series raised by Heimer Hampshires and Tommy Janssen’s Reserve High Points Light Cross Barrow on the same circuit raised by Lettow Showpigs. PROVOKED looks incredible today, and has been more popular on boar tours recently than he was last Fall. He went through an uncomfortable period late last Summer and early Fall when we first started to collect him. As a stud owner, we see young boars go through this at times and it certainly makes it difficult for customers to evaluate a boars potential fit. For those that were unsure last Fall we encourage you to come see PROVOKED again, and most importantly, find some of his pigs when they hit the ring…they are good livestock!

The playbook: When we found PROVOKED we thought he was an outlier relative to the other DIRTY sons we had on stud. PROVOKED had big, secure, front feet. He was super broad in his chest and knee. He was short backed and dense in his muscle pattern. In our opinion, PROVOKED’s very best fit is on the slick looking females that need to be denser everywhere. PROVOKED will make hogs barrow oriented and burly. We would caution taking PROVOKED to a super stout one as you may end up with too much. We believe this guy is on the verge of carving out his own prominent spot in our powerful crossbred line-up!

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