First up on the SGIBoars “HOW TO” series is KING OF THE HILL.

What a run this guy has been on?! KOH as he’s known by many of us has already notched several significant wins in just a few months including the Supreme Overall Gilt at the Oklahoma Youth Expo bred by Nate Warner Livestock, Supreme Overall Gilt at the Texas Elite Showcase bred by Lackey Livestock and the Reserve Grand Barrow at the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo bred by Heimer Hampshires. KOH generated several other sale makers at Texas Majors and we continue to get additional reports of KOH sired jackpot champions in the midwest.

The playbook: KOH is generating hogs that are big, big legged every time. His barrows and gilts have both had great presence and elite athleticism. We think he’s got great breeding versatility in terms of how much power (width and muscle) that the sow can possess. The sort on the KOH pigs has been length of body. His barrows in particular can stretch a bit too much on longer bodied sows. However, on sows that are modest in their length of body you can use him with the utmost confidence to build pigs that will have the extras while keeping everything else in check!


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