Boar Feature- MAN ON FIRE

We found MAN ON FIRE as a 14 month old mature boar at David Martin’s late last Summer when we were searching the countryside for boar prospects.  Phenotypically, this guy is a beast regardless of the breed that we might want to make comparisons to.  MAN ON FIRE is tall fronted, very clean through his jaw and throat, and has that extra presence that it takes to win hog shows.   This guy has all of the masculine traits that great breeding hogs possess – he’s got big square toes, a stout forearm, he’s super shapely up high, and he’s as stout from behind and as square to the ground as any red boar out there.  When this guy is put into motion his limbs work north and south, and you won’t observe any incorrect east and west wasted motion.  MAN ON FIRE is a stout muscled, good looking athlete!  What’s most promising about MAN ON FIRE to this point?  His powerful phenotype is resonating in his offspring.  MAN ON FIRE’S first show hogs are just now hitting the ring and they bring a significant amount of his look, build and athleticism to the table.


Pictured above is one of the promising MAN ON FIRE  barrow prospects we’ve seen this spring, raised by Worden Showpigs!

We’re excited to see what kind of contribution MAN ON FIRE can make to the Duroc breed as he continues to see more and more elite red sows all over the country!




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