2020 Expo :: Des Moines, IA

Find our display for the week in the cattle barn, bring your friends and take a selfie! Include the hash tag #SGIBOARS in a social media post with your picture in front of our display and post it to social media to be eligible for a drawing that will include SGI swag [ ]


Next up on the “HOW TO” series is BOMB SQUAD

BOMB SQUAD – Brake Lights x Man on Fire x Slats
BOMB SQUAD has earned the designation of consistency through his 4th crop of pigs. Breeder’s from all over the country have experienced his ability to add stoutness and power without sacrificing [ ]

Meet The Team :: Bryan Hill

Another long-time employee at SGI is Bryan Hill. We stress the importance of our employees being “multiple” in their skill sets, and Bryan’s detail-oriented personality allows him to assist in many different areas of our business. He takes pride in maintaining clean barns and outdoor facilities. Most days you can [ ]


Next up on the “HOW TO” series is CHALK THE FIELD

CHALK THE FIELD – Dirty South x Dirty Secret x Fortune
CHALK THE FIELD comes to us from KB Showpigs (Kale Boysen) and his first litters arrived later this Spring. We couldn’t be more excited about what we’ve seen. Customers have [ ]

Meet The Team :: Lexie Berry

A recent graduate from Iowa State University, Lexie Berry joined our team at the start of 2020. Lexie’s primary role involves assisting international customers with fresh and frozen semen orders. Strong communication skills are essential in this role as we currently ship semen and supplies to over 40 countries all [ ]

Meet The Team :: Dave Buse

Dave Buse has been working at SGI since the Spring of 2017. Dave’s main role is boar care and collecting semen. Dave strives to follow proper procedures so that SGI can maintain a high-health facility in order to meet customer needs worldwide. You will also find him processing packages for [ ]


Next up on the “HOW TO” series is THE PROPOSAL.

THE PROPOSAL – King of the Hill x Redemption x “Daisy” Visionary
THE PROPOSAL is an exciting, new addition from Git-R-Done Showpigs in Yuma, AZ. For those that don’t believe that there could be elite showpigs generated in that part of the [ ]


Next up on the “HOW TO” series is BOMBS AWAY.

BOMBS AWAY – Bomb Squad x Feel the Burn x Can’t Stop
BOMBS AWAY comes from one of the very best Duroc females at Lettow Showpigs. BOMBS AWAY shares a similar pedigree to the Supreme Overall Gilt at OYE (raised by Mosteller [ ]


Next up on the “HOW TO” series is SOUL SEARCHIN.

SOUL SEARCHIN – Dirty South x Wedding Night
SOUL SEARCHIN will be new to many of you and was a Spring ’20 addition from C&C Showpigs in Oklahoma.  SOUL SEARCHIN is another very impressive, barrow oriented Dirty South son that comes from [ ]

Meet The Team :: Hunter Shoemaker

Hunter Shoemaker has been with SGI for three years.  Originally from London, Ohio, he attended Fort Scott Community College and finished his education at Iowa State University.  Hunter’s ability to learn multiple roles in our business has been extremely valuable.  His main focus consists of managing the frozen semen lab [ ]