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Equipment Catalog

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Be sure to equip yourself with the proper swine insemination tools to get the job done right! SGI carries a wide variety of A.I. equipment.

Inside the attached catalog you will find artificial insemination equipment and products from the following categories:

  • Collection
  • Extenders
  • Insemination
  • Labware
  • Lab Equipment and Accessories
  • Microscope and Accessories
  • Storage
  • Frozen Semen - Nitrogen Tanks
  • Ultrasonic Equipment

Most products listed in the catalog are the same tools that have been used daily by SGI for over 30 years. Our business uses the majority of the items in the supply catalog to process high-quality frozen and liquid semen that is known throughout the world for its ability to work in a variety of herds. Our products have been utilized with great success by customers all over the world. Many unlisted equipment or supply items can be found by contacting our experienced lab staff. SGI has staff with a very comprehensive and thorough knowledge of the swine A.I. business, and as valued customers we invite you to inquire with any questions on the topic.