Dirty Old Man

New Boar

Code: 9060
Price: $300/Dose

Best Man x Black Onyx
Bred by: Lettow Showpigs, IA

Big legged and super athletic!  This guy comes from a killer litter that includes 4 keeper gilts and 3 barrows that have won jackpots in Texas and Oklahoma.

This guys mothers pedigree (belted sow pictured below) is Best Man x Black Onyx x No Fare x Night Train x Super Natural x Fatal Attraction

Dirty Old Man's grandmother is the best crossbred sow at Lettow Showpigs who has previously raised 5 herd boars, 6 class winners at Houston & San Antonio and the Grand Barrow at the Iowa State Fair in 2017.

The Grand Barrow at the American Royal in 2017 raised by C&C Showpigs was a Pinnacle x Lowboy x No Fare x Night Train (same No Fare x Night Train sow family as Dirty Old Man).

Dirty Old Man is stout featured, super comfortable in his build and very balanced.  We think this guys shear flexibility and squareness will greatly complement power sows that need fixed in their skeleton.

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