Code: 9053
Price: $250/Dose

Best Man
Unrated x Crossbones
Bred by: Marek Land & Livestock, IA

WHOA! Big time new addition at SGI from Marek Land & Livestock!

Big Man On Campus (BMOC as many refer to him) doesn't need any introduction to most progressive breeders as he's already made a great impact on the crossbred industry.

Sired the Grand Overall Barrow and the Grand Crossbred Gilt at the '16 Iowa State Fair FFA Show, plus the 5th Overall Breeding Gilt at the Ohio State Fair Junior Show and has been on a tear ever since.

Sired the Grand Barrow at San Angelo and the 3rd Overall Cross Barrow at the Oklahoma Youth Expo in the Winter of '17!

Big big legs, unique look and muscle shape with as good of an athletic build as you will find today!!!

Sires stout featured, great looking hogs, with the right kind of muscle and incredible comfort in their build and range of motion.

Mother is the incredible belted sow pictured below!

***Sired the Reserve Division 1 Cross Barrow at the 17 Iowa State Fair 4H Show (pictured below)!

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