New Boar

Code: 9047
Price: $250/Dose

Kiss My Hocks x Space Monkey
Bred by: Lindner Showpigs, TX

As we made our plans to add VENDETTA to the arsenal this Spring, the acquisition plans hinged just as much on getting VINNY to Cambridge as well.

VINNY is one of the very first VENDETTA sons put to work and saw use almost exclusively at Heimer Hampshires, Lindner Showpigs and Lettow Showpigs this Spring.

VINNY has today's look, build and proporations and is sired by one of the ELITE crossbred boars in the industry right now.

VINNY'S ability to grab the surface, reach and go is unparalleled in our opinion.  His athleticisim is complimented uniquely by his superb base width coming and going.

The dam of VINNY is a direct Kiss My Hocks daughter out of the tried and true Space Monkey sow that started her career at Mauck Show Hogs and finished her tenure at Heimer Hampshires.

As a refresher, Kiss My Hocks was an Xtra Swag x Monster Pipe x Space Monkey x Tapp Datt's mother.

There's no question you can see the Space Monkey influence in the build and general design of VINNY!

We love this hogs pedigree and potential to help our customers build elite quality show barrows!!

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