Code: 9003
Price: $150/Dose

Rated R x Super Monster
Bred by: Jason Lackety
Owned With: Lettow Show Pigs
Teats: 14
  • Springsteen is the proven sire from The Stud.  At The Stud he was one of the most popular boars to be housed there.   His list of winners are too numerous to list them.  Some of the highlights are: Reserve Dark Cross 2014 Houston Livestock Show, Grand Champion Barrow 2013 Georgia National, Reserve Grand Crossbred Gilt 2014 NJSA Regional and Champion Lightweight Dark Cross 2013 San Antonio Livestock Show
  • Springsteen is square built, huge chest and blade, with an absolutely monster top. Big ribbed, extra moderate frame and short bodied with big stout skull
  • Springsteen is very heads up and attractive from the side.  He is also very sound in his movement off both ends.  His width at the ground is wide but within his skeleton off both ends
  • Springsteen may be one of the most successful boar used at many different breeder's farms across the county.  He makes pigs that are powerful, with look and square build and seems to work on a wide variety of pedigrees and sow types
  • Springsteen is the boar that we have been waiting for that is stress negative, a meat hog that can make the right kind of barrows to win at any level.  Don’t miss the opportunity to use this proven sire.


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